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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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and that's what's making news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america" and catch us at at plus, mill oning students are headed back to school and how the teachers are getting ready for the school >> first to weatherwatch 12 and we are tracking the foggy start to the morning. good morning, welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 4:30 on this monday, august 29th. >> we are talking about pea soup and the visibility is lower.
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also and fog in washington and sheboygan counties. three counties, it is in effect until 9:00. the visibility here a quarter mile or less. we are getting foggy conditions elsewhere as well. i wouldn't be surprised to see a few more counties added. 67 at the airp going up to 81 degrees. the patchy fog will be clear. spotty showers and thunderstorms in place for us tomorrow. 80 for today. 70s will be setting in for a long visit. >> when on the go, take the wisn forecast with you on the app.
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in mississippi. one had a connection to milwaukee area? >> yes, margaret held grew up in springer. later today there is a funeral mass held in jackson, mississippi, that is near where the two nuns worked for three decades. yesterday 300 people, overflow crowd, came to a service in lexington, mississippi to pay respects to the nuns. now the fellow nuns miss the sisters but the work will live on. >> losing a special friend is difficult but i know that i didn't lose her in that her life and her energy and her spirit continues in this, especially in this people she's met and touched. >> now those two nuns were killed of their home and the police have charged a man that
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sister held is buried in wisconsin later in the week. >> right now milwaukee man is behind bars after a standoff with the police and started with a mattress. it happened on the south side yesterday. two neighbors argued over a mattress left in an alley way. there was a six-year-old inside of the home. >> the is in the house with a child add not wanting to come out and we take our time. we take our time. we don't want to force the incident. >> the police forced their way into the house and arrested the man. >> thousands of students and teachers are getting ready for the first day of school, the staff arette ging a head start before the kids return to the classroom. later today the administrators and the mayor is welcoming the
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the milwaukee bucks dancer will be there and high school cheerleaders and musicians. >> helping kids in sherman park returning to school with everything they need. that is the mission of a church in the neighborhood. the church's past tor is saying it is their goal to help the people of sherman park. >> you have to be city to see the change, it is coming, we have to keep doing this, showing love and we'll be okay. >> the church officials say it brought them joy seeing everyone working together. >> it is back to college too. marquette university had their move in last week. the back to school shopping rush is on.
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busiest time of the year behind the holidays. >> we'll see the people, they come for the things they forgot or the things they didn't know they needed. school uniforms as well. >> a lot of good deals after school starts too. the school $78.5 billion this year. most of that is spent on clothing and electronics. >> still ahead, a daring train track rescue. >> the officer that saved a man. >> rain causing serious issues in ohio and how much rain fell there and the clean up efforts. >> taking a look outside.
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we are checking that out and monitoring when it is going to clear up and the forecast for the rest of the workweek. you are watching "12 news this
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>> we are edging closer to 20 minutes before 5:00 on this monday morning. i love this picture. the fog is condensing over the city this morning t winds are light and the temperatures in the 60s and we have a patchy pea soup. ba t kids this week and we are warm and humid today and tomorrow. cold front tomorrow bringing in a chance of showers and a few storms and 70s settling in on wednesday. this morning we are paying attention to the visibility. 67 and fog at the airport. 677 over 65.
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of the counties until 9:00. a quarter mile or less. low beams slow speeds and giving way to sunshine. 81. cooler along the lake. >> thank you, sal. this is 41, 43, 894 at 19th street. everything is moving smoothly this morning. >> a police officer came to the rescue and pulled a man off train tracks in new jersey. this video shows the rescue. the man was lying on the tracks when a transit officer saw him and tried to pull him to safety. the man did not want to be saved. he tried to pull away from the officer. just seconds after he was pulled
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>> some serious flooding hit the cincinnati area this weekend. right now, people there are recovering. meteorologists in the area say around five inches of rain fell yesterday. the storms knocked out power and traffic lights. the storm sewers were so overwhelmed that water started shooting out of manhole covers. this morning. some schools in the area are closed as people start recovering from the flood. 4:41. 2007 >> let's get right to tim in the newsroom. >> he's following big stories from around the world. tim? >> a scare overnight at one of the country's busiest airports. why panic broke out at lax and what we're learning this morning about that false alarm. plus, an explosion overnight in brussels.
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>> isn't that pretty? >> i love this. it is a pretty view. you are watching "12 news this morning" 4:44, monday, august 29th. we have a lot of fog out there. >> it is patchy overall. some locations visibility ten miles in dodge county. closer to three-tenths of a mile at the airport and up in sheboygan. we are keeping an eye on the visibility this there is an advisory until k79. now, we say so long to the pea soup around 9 o'clock. in the fog it is patchy and the temperatures falling back to the
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it is just for back to school for the milwaukee public schools on thursday. >> thank you, sal. 4:46. >> panic at los angeles international airport. happening now, flights are trying to get back on schedule after that security scare. tim is following the story in the newsroom. >> security and customs agents are working through the night to get things back on schedule. a false alarm about an active shooter sent panic through the airp gunshots inside. people rushed out onto the tarmac. police found nothing wrong, but after clearing the terminals, everyone had to go back through security. check out the lines. remember this is late at night, not the usual peak time of day. still no word on what the sound was. ben, back to you. >> another bizarre situation at lax overnight. police surrounded this man dressed as zorro and carrying a
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he was taken into custody and later released. the man called it a misunderstanding. it's not clear if his costume is related to the panic at the airport. >> chicago police say they have made two arrests in the death of nykea aldridge, cousin of nba star and former marquette player dwyane wade. aldridge was caught in crossfire on friday on her way to register her children for school. police in chicago filed charges yesterday. chicago's police superintendent says this killing is a prime example of chicago's gun problem. >> new this morning, a chicago rapper ends up being robbed and he says police weren't interested in hearing his story. che rhymefest smith says someone got into his car and held a gun to his head.
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drove to the nearest police station. he's gotten an apology from a police spokesperson... but smith says it's not enough. >> the superintendent needs to sit down with me and the people in the community and explain that culture. >> the police officers told smith that the robbery couldn't be that bad because the thief didn't take his cell phone. >> police in an oklahoma town are taking pepper spray on an older woman. the police tazed the suspect and when the 83-year-old woman didn't turn around the officer used pepper spray. >> videos can't give you the full sense of what happened.
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that you might have. >> the woman says she was taken to jail after the incident. she's planning to take legal action against that police department. >> time now 4:49. can't see much out there right now. >> the pictures we are seeing are gorgeous. >> it is looking terrific when the fog condenses and just above the surface of the earth. the high-rises up and above fog, it is just above the surface overall so it makes for, almost magical looking. we are going to continue to deal with this fog. we had dense fog yesterday and once again for today. a little patchy in nature this morning. visibility three tenths of a mile. so be prepared with a low beams
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if you have a typical area and always condenses the fog, it is probably foggy there this morning. there is an advisory for three of the counties at this time. that's until 9:00. big picture like this, the showers and storms staying the the north. we have the skies becoming sunny. 67 at the airport. almost everyone else in the 59 and 68. today overall mostly sunny. now, getting to the afternoon, a slight chance of a stray shower today and for the most part we staying dry. here we are tomorrow at noon. you can see mostly cloudy sky. the cool front aprooif arriving for us. 81 today.
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and you can see as we take a peek, ben, 70s for wednesday, thursday and friday and hanging around for the weekend. >> thank you, sal. 41, 43, 894, 19th street. you are seeing the fog. it is early 4:51. the drive times are all in the green right now. melinda? >> thank you, ben. >> an e >> officials thought it was a car bomb but it was arson. the blast was likely caused by a crime lab set on fire. no one was hurt in this, but the building is significantly damaged. now this institute helps the justice authorities in the investigations. officials say it is not terrorism but a criminal act. this story is continuing to
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ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> this morning we are learning more about a deadly bus crash in louisiana. the police and firefighters on the scene of the crash yesterday morning when a bus slams into the crash scene and a firefighter was killed and a passenger in another vehicle. the bus driver didn't have a license and undocumented immigrant. the police say he's going to face a number of charges. now the investigators are questioning the owner and why the driver was behind the wheel. >> police are searching for a stabbing suspect after an attack at an elite university. the police were called to break up a fight near cornel university. one of the victims died. >> a controversy is brewing on the football field before the nfl season starts.
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drawing criticism after refusing to stand for the national anthem. he's saying it is a protest. he says he's going to continue sitting out during the national anthem. >> i will continue to sit. i'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. when there i flag represents what it is supposed to represent and the country is representing the people it is supposed to, i will stand. >> and again, that is colin there. >> new this morning, police in green bay are getting help from a 7-year-old man, he heard that a k-9 officer died and he wanted
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department get a new dog and he's donated $500. he's getting a chance to meet the handlers and the dogs working in green bay. when he decided to do this, it was a pleasant surprise, given the difficult time that the units are facing with the death of cops, it is nice to see things like this and makes you want to come to work today and seeing the good in >> the goal is to raise $12,000. >> wow, that is awesome. >> hope and healing in the sherman park neighborhood. >> the people in the area coming up with stop crimes before it happens. >> getting ready for dangerous weather and how florida is preparing for the tropical storms that could be hurricanes.
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>> there is a new device to
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personalize an exercise routine for you. >> all in efforts to reduce death from cardiovascular disease. it is creating a score based on the physical activity level and their age, gender and resting and max yum heart rates. 35,000 people in norway took place in the study and the scientists found those using the tracker the risk of death dropped 13% in men and 17% in wome a top cause of vision loss around the world. that is according to the researchers in florida. they studied the link between blindness and diabetes for 20 years and poor glucose control and poor health services contribute to the increase.
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the concussion recover times, researchers looked at 69 teams in a variety of sports and all treated at the university of pittsburgh medical center concussion clinic and half continued to play and taking 44 days to recover for symptoms ver ruckus 22 days for being sidelined, those that continued to play had worse scores on tests. >> students learn more from attack tif teachers they used college students. it all boys down to mother nature and not playing games on your computer. >> or having a good looking sta
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remember in that glass. >> was the name? >> dr. johnson. you are a good looking guy. >> 4:59. the news continues right now. >> yours was mrs. mo. >> yes. good morning, welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport, it is monday, august 29th. a suspect pulls a knife and kills a plan close to shops and restaurants in milwaukee. details on the manhunt underway right now. >> plus, back to school season means tests, papers and homework. why some parents are getting in trouble for helping their kids on the assignments.


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